There are a lot of things happening this time of year, even though winter brings snowy and cold weather. There are a couple of holidays that make it possible to spend more time with friends and family. In addition to that, everyone stays inside more often because of the cold weather.  

Whenever it is cold outside, having a carpet in your house can make your area inviting and warm. Carpet is an excellent addition to your house. However, winter debris and wetness can wreak havoc on it. This might require carpet cleaning Chattanooga services.  

Here are several things that can occur to your carpet during the cold season.  

Stains and Spills 

The possibility of spills drastically increases with more individuals in your house during the holidays. Aside from that, during this time of year, beverages and foods that are consumed have higher chances to leave stains.  

If they get spilled onto the carpet, cider, hot chocolate, wine, and other drinks can leave permanent stains. These beverages are great if you want to keep yourself warm. However, there are extremely bad for your carpet.  


Whether from rain or snow, winter comes a lot of wetness. The water will settle into the fibers of your carpet whenever it is brought into your house on shoes. This can lead to many issues. This includes producing an environment where bacteria can thrive. You may notice an unpleasant or weird smell coming from the carpet if this occurs. Also, wet carpets can promote mold growth.  

Aside from rain and melting snow, debris and dirt may be tracked in too. Typically, salt and other deicing materials, and dirt are always present in moisture that is coming from the outdoors. It can lead to discoloration or staining whenever these get into the fibers of your carpet.  

Having people take off their shoes at the door is one of the ideal methods to fight carpet wetness. To make sure that the water and other debris are contained, you have to place them inside a rubber or plastic tray.  

Also, it is best to vacuum more frequently to get rid of salt and other dirt.  

Carpet Trampling 

Because of the holidays, more people will be coming inside your house. This means that your carpet will endure more traffic. Since there are a lot of feet going over it, it can lead to carpet fibers that get damaged. Oftentimes, your carpet might even pull away from the tack strips. Visible trails are the clearest indication that you’ve got a lot of traffic traveling throughout your carpet. You will see waves or ripples if your carpet has pulled away from the tack strips.  

Aside from being unappealing, these problems can also be a tripping threat. It does not take a lot for a person to get their feet caught on your carpet’s ripple and fall down. Contacting the professionals is the best thing you can do whenever you see these problems with your carpet. They can either provide carpet re-stretching or carpet repair.